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As 2010 ushered in 2011, the greatest question yet for the time is not how much were our successes but rather, how much were our failures, and that in turn brings us to the question of questions: What are in fact failures? Whatever definition you come up with, hold on to it as long as it adds positive meaning to your life, and equally harmonizes your predominate thought process. For those who want to explore with me on this less trodden path, I will direct you to my mentor who said, for anybody to succeed in life, they need to fail early and fail fast. He says, the failing rate is tied to the success rate given enough room is made for stocktaking.  


Is a failure not but a process, an endeavor, an enterprise, or an undertaking etc. that does not work according to our expectations? Doesn’t that therefore eliminate the odds and lead to alternatives that work?


Tell me, do you know? When was the last time you had a retreat? Not at the mountains, nor at the riverside, where you drank like a fish and climbed like a beaver or creeper, but really had a quite time within yourself? When was the last time you took an inventory of your life? Yes, is that part of the stocktaking? What is your action plan for 2011? Are your goals realistic? Do you have a target at all? A friend described insanity as doing the same things over but wanting different results. Bone crackers!!!!!!!!!


You must be good with letters if you are reading this message, but share with us, what are your educational and careers plans for the yonder year? Don’t tell me, just pass it over to your super and subconscious mind and watch the magic display in your quite time. 


What about you, my friend, what will you do different with your domestic and family relations? Have you taken the time to show them how much they mean to you? No, no, nooooooooo, don’t tell them, show them “101” then you could tell them, especially, how much you love them. 


In this retreat, you are the team leader and I’m only probing you to take us all to the next level and that brings us to the community and social domain. How do you “in-ter-relate” with others? What role, in your own way, are you enhancing the human environment wherever you may be? Are you taking from everybody including those in transit to second life or are you giving back to the less privileged? Maybe you have a plan to give back, but when will that be? 


What about you, my dear one, yes, I mean you reading this message. Fourth gear: economics and finance. What will you do apart come tomorrow? Spend money you don’t have on things you don’t really need? What if that makes you happy, but for how long? Is it true that you are where you are financially by choice and that when one changes the input and throughput, the output will be different? Maybe you on the other hand make so much but how much of it, truly, how much do you keep or safe? 1%, 10% or 50% of every paycheck or (ZERO) 0%? Aa


Health and fitness is the second but last, the penultimate of the corner stones that could provide the equilibrium we all seek in life. BALANCE. You thinking of weight? Part of it, but how healthy are you really? Psychologically, emotionally, mentally, physically? Do you know, can you tell? When was the last time you saw your doctor? Are you keeping your doctors appointments off till second life, when the scalpels in whites gowns and gloves will try to figure out the course to your negligence? It may be too late then, but you have now. What is insanity again? 


The last on the menu tonight, (“yeah, I’m soooo hun-gry in the abundance of plentiful “) is the spiritual and the incomprehensible sphere of life. Did you say you wanted to safe me? From what? Do names and walls really bring salvation? When was the last time the trees in your neighborhood plotted against the virgin forest? Or the fish in the ocean wanted the earthly first class creatures, to adapt their life-style, and as such dance around naked? Whatever keeps your life focused, meaningful and directed, as long as you have no hatred for your brethren and sisthren, as long as you care for them and love them and will not deliberately mislead or misguide them, as long as your plans to advance in 2011 do not ruin or hurt the rest of “life”, as long as you don’t ask me in your second coming to close my “eye” with the single ulterior motive of rubbing me gold and diamonds, as long as…………. 


To all our mentors and account managers, we say, thank you. To our graduates, who worked so hard to earn that, which they deserve in 2010, we say, congratulations! And to all our friends and loved ones, HAPPY NEW YEAR/YUMPAALE!!!!!!!! 



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